Interview – Jason Raso

Jason Raso is a bassist/composer and educator from Guelph, Ontario.  I can’t remember when I first came across the name.  It might have been through the videos he’s done with Ultimate Basses in Guelph.  He and Dave, the owner of Ultimate Basses, will test my Fodera dream basses and share the experience on video. I […]

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Shameless Self Promotion

There was a time in my high school and college days when I was scared of my shadow and doubted my abilities as a musician.  After 20 years running a small business the shadow is no longer an issue although I think self doubt is just part of being a musician for many of us. […]

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Metronome Mileage Part 2

Here’s a simple metronome exercise that can be very revealing.  It was passed on to me by Ben Heywood who is a great local guitarist and arranger.   There are 5 simple steps. Put a metronome at about 70 bpm. Take a pencil or a drum stick and tap quarter notes to the click. Close your […]

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I Love New York

I’m back in Manhattan for the 5 or 6 time.  I really can’t put my finger on why I like being here so much although having a great place to stay on the Upper West Side while I cat sit certainly makes it easy to enjoy.  I’m lucky to have access to a really cool […]

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Metronome Mileage Part 1

One of your most important tools to becoming a better bass player is your metronome.  Practicing with a metronome or click track will help you develop a strong sense of time.  You could practice with a drum machine pattern as well but the issue with that is that a drum pattern can help in finding […]

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